So from the beginning.
Ludwig comes from a family of musicians (?) and had to play as a child on the Hammond organ „Maria“. Before learning the zither, only a fever attack protected him. He did not get his fancy for music until he was 17 when he started to do minimal punk with „Nachgeburt“. In the meantime, he has been active or active in almost countless of his own projects – Elephant never sleeps, fix und fertig, House of Pancakes, Softtoysanimals, DHP, Ludwigthoma goes pop, Ludwig London, made music with Grupo sportivo and again and again with Anne Clark. And now Fishbrook. Stylistically never set, it drives him from minimal wave to metal and punk to alternative country. He handles almost every instrument from guitar and bass to keyboards and synthesizers, drums, trumpets and saxophones. And he sings. And how! And he writes all songs.